Restore Your Ride the Right Way!

Whether your restoration project is a daily driver or your next car show prize winner, Billet Kings wants to help you get your hot rod the best looking front runner system & ensure the right fitment, These serpentine systems are GUARANTEED to be manufactured in the USA, so whether you need some brackets & pulleys, or a complete serpentine conversion system, inclusive with accessories like AC compressors, power steering pumps & more, we do our best to ensure that everything fits onto your project, just the way you want it.

  • Chevy

    Working on your 350 Small Block Chevy? Got a Big Block 454?? Whatever your motor, be it SBC or Chevy LS, We have serpentine conversion systems available for most Chevy/GM engines! Check them out here:

    Serpentine Systems for Chevy/GM

  • Ford

    Your Ford project, no matter what Small Block or Big Block Ford motor you're working on, won't be complete without the proper serpentine conversion system. Check them out here:

    Serpentine Systems for Ford


    Got a classic Dodge project? Classy old Chrysler you're working to restore?? Whatever project your MOPAR motor is going in, we have a serpentine system that will work. Check them out here:

    Serpentine Systems for MOPAR

  • Pontiac

    Muscle & performance is what you're after if you're working on a Pontiac. Firebird or GTO, it doesn't matter, we have a serpentine conversion system, check them out here:

    Serpentine Systems for Pontiac

  • Oldsmobile

    Oldsmobile projects are in a class of their own! We know it's difficult to find what you're looking for, so we got everything you'll need for your Olds serpentine conversion project. Check them out here:

    Serpentine Systems for Oldsmobile

  • Buick

    Working on a Buick hot rod? We know it's hard to find everything you need to properly convert your Buick project, that's why we've ensured you'll get everything for your serpentine conversion for Buick. Check out serpentine conversion kits here:

    Serpentine Systems for Buick

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