“All-Inclusive” Serpentine Kits VS. “Brackets & Pulleys” Serpentine Kits


When it comes to your ride, are the hot rods you see at all the big car shows like Good Guys and SEMA, you notice that one of the best project cars you see at the shows always have their hood up. And upon closer look, you see the front of the engine, usually with the polished shine, or an all-black finish (this seems to be the more popular option these days). 

The brackets and pulleys on the front-end of the engine vary depending on the make, model, era of the model, and of course, the taste of the driver. Some people enjoy the simple, shinier finished touch of a bracket-and-pulley serpentine kit, while others who want to pay the extra dollar: often opt in for a branded all-inclusive serpentine kit.

Most of us in the hot rod industry are loyal to a specific look, or manufacturer when it comes to our brackets and pulleys, mainly because the brackets are all aesthetic. But, as mentioned before, there are those who choose simply NOT to upgrade and go with the lower-priced, but just as functional, bracket-and-pulley kits. Best part about these serpentine kits is that they’re just as aesthetically pleasing in the end result. 

Many projects that end up at the big car shows are suited up to get shown off, those cars are usually the hot rods considered to get upgraded with the exclusive brackets in an all-inclusive kit. But if you’re looking to drive around your hot rod and you’re worried about the scuffs and damages of use might cause the front end brackets-and-pulleys, you should probably consider one of those simpler bracket-and-pulley serpentine kits. At Billet Kings, we like to refer the more luxury kits, with the exclusive brackets that host their manufacturers’ mark: “All-Inclusive Serpentine Kits”, and the simpler serpentine kits mentioned earlier: “driver serpentine kits”.

Here at Billet Kings, we want to have the best serpentine kits in the market, available RIGHT at your fingertips. That's why we’re continuously adding the most exclusive, best fitting, and great options for the front engine of your hot rod. ALL for a great price too!

Check out some of these front-end brackets & pulleys, OR all-inclusive serpentine kits at www.billetkings.com

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