Tech Talk | An Independence Day Message from Billet Kings

Tech Talk | An Independence Day Message from Billet Kings

As we close in on July 4th 2019, its come to our attention here at Billet Kings, just how grateful we are to have this wonderful country to live and to serve. We first want to take a moment to thank those with active service in our military, as well as those who have served and now have the honor of calling themselves ‘Veterans’. We also salute those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to serve this proud and free country known as the United States of America.

A similar pride that we have for our military serving this country is felt for all you hot rod and car enthusiasts out there who work, day and night, to make your own version of the American muscle or style a reality! How many hours spent toiling in the garages and shops, putting together the perfect show car or vintage driver vehicle from America’s past that, once again, gets to ride in the sunlight.

This is simply a thank you to everyone who makes what we do here at Billet Kings, 100% worth it. We strive to give you all the best in front end systems, hot rod parts, and serpentine kits available, and for the best price value too! Its our way of giving you the best, for the best.

Why? Because you deserve it! Whether your ride be a cool Chevy corvette from the ‘80s, to a Tri-Five that’s slick and shiny, and shows off that beautiful serpentine kit on the front end of the engine when you pop that hood. Whatever it is you’re working on. Its us here at Billet Kings that thanks you!

We’re hoping that you have a great 4th of July and celebrate our independence with pride! God bless the USA! Keep on riding, keep on working, and we’ll see you at the next big car show!


- The Billet Kings

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