Tech Talk | Serpentine Kits 'whats the difference?': March Performance

Tech Talk | Serpentine Kits 'whats the difference?': March Performance

     When you’re getting ready for that next big car show, polishing the finish of your ride, making it look nice, it definitely comes to mind just how hard you worked on this hot rod. Its shiny (or rusty if you’re a rat-rodder) and the engine runs smooth. You realize then that the most important thing that matters to anyone who’s gonna be gawking that classic car of yours: The look is just right.

     When looking for serpentine kits for your hot rod projects, the look has to be just right, part of your choice in what serpentine kit you pick, whether your ride is small block Ford or big block Chevy, you need to be sure of one thing: that ride of yours needs to look Good. REAL GOOD.

     At every show, on every road: we all know it’s the front engine that’s checked out the most. So we at Billet Kings have the pleasure of working with some of the best manufacturers of serpentine kits for just about every engine make and type on the market. From Chevy LS to Ford Cleveland, even Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Buick and more: If there’s classic American muscle car or hot rod out there: there’s a serpentine kit ready to be mounted on the front of that engine—and these guys make it.

     With that in mind, being a car enthusiast; you KNOW all that. You surely know some of their names like CVF Racing, Billet Specialties, Eddie Motorsports, even March Performance, and many others—But the real question here is: What IS the difference?

     Obviously, front engines all perform the same: the serpentine kit belt runs in rotation and the components are mounted, depending on what fitments and things you want taking space in your engine bay. Again, we at Billet Kings are happy to be partnered with these incredible manufacturers in the USA! So, we’ll be going through a series of differences between the style’s and designs of each serpentine kit manufacturer. AND, as seniority usually works, we’ll start with showing off, and discussing our founding partner in the industry: March Performance.

     March Performance is a pretty old name when it comes to the serpentine front-end of the engine. Considering their 30 years of time making these front-engine systems, and were also some of the pioneering manufacturers of serpentine kits that include air conditioning! They manufacture serpentine kits for just about any engine make available. They pride themselves on their variety of unique styles of their brackets of the all-inclusive serpentine kits. As such, their brand is the only partner on our roster currently at Billet Kings that HAS multiple bracket types available for the same make of all-inclusive serpentine kits. Featuring below is an example of two of their more popular styles: the ‘Style Track’ serpentine kit is on the left, and their ‘Revolver’ is listed

      March Performance small block chevy sbc style track serpentine kit   March Performance small block chevy sbc revolver serpentine kit

     They also pride themselves on their 6061-T6 (aircraft grade) billet aluminum being the material that most of their products are made of. This usually includes their “maintenance-free” powder coating that they won’t be need of any re-polishing or maintenance work after install.

     To top it off: it appears that they’re variety in serpentine kits for makes like Pontiac and Oldsmobile and Buick, Chrysler big block, Chrysler Small block, Chevy LS, big block Ford, big block Chevy, small block Ford, small block Chevy, even Ford Coyote—are ALL being added to for some of the best available pricing today!

     To contact us for your kit by March Performance, click the link. Or give us a call (740)715-0571, our knowledgeable tech staff can help you make the right choice. You can also email us! for questions!

     We’ll be covering more designs and differences between other big USA serpentine kit manufacturers that are around today! Keep your eyes out for the next one!!



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