Tech Talk | "What's the Difference?": All American Billet

Tech Talk | "What's the Difference?": All American Billet

      As season time comes to a close, we hope you had a happy holiday, everybody is getting back to their shops and garages, working on your classics and drivers. We here at Billet Kings, are here to shed more light on Serpentine Kits: asking ‘what’s the difference’ between different manufacturers that make, basically, the same type of machine. The only difference really is the style!

     Now, it’s pretty common knowledge that some components that come in these all-inclusive serpentine belt systems are made (and shared) aftermarket. For example, A/C Compressors that come with a serpentine kit ordered from All American Billet would most definitely come with a standard Sanden 508 A/C compressor, that same compressor is used with all-inclusive serpentine kits from March Performance! But that parts obvious.

     So, what would the difference be if you, the guy looking around for the best serpentine kits on the market, who probably KNOWS already that you’re getting basically the same kit, whether you get it from All American Billet, Concept One Pulley Systems, or some other re-seller, between these serpentine kits and belt systems? Well, we’re here to tell you. Say you’re working on your favorite project, just getting start: you have an sbc (small block Chevy) motor, and you’re in need of a serpentine belt system – one with the components, like power steering, A/C compressor, and the alternator.

     You’ll find that the MAIN difference when it comes to these serpentine kits, as we’ve stated before, is the style. The aesthetic differences made on the brackets or pulleys act as a “maker’s mark” of sorts, as every manufacturer sticks to this single maker’s mark religiously (with the exception of March Performance, as they’ve been around so long, they’ve developed two or three signature bracket styles that show up with some of their best selling brackets and pulley kits and all-inclusive serpentine kits.)

     All American Billet has their shop located in Phoenix, Arizona, and they’ve made it a priority to put together and produce some of the best-looking serpentine kits, and other hot rod parts, in the industry! They’re maker’s mark shows up as an 8-pointed star centered on every pulley, giving it a certain “star-spangled” look. A unique look for sure, and it’s one that quite a few people would want to roll up to a big-time show with, as shown below:

All American Billet Big Block Chevy All Inclusive Serpentine System Kit

     Using their own 6061-T6 billet aluminum, CNC machined and coated with a finish of your choice. These choices, for most manufacturers produce their kits in a clear machined look, a more polished version, and usually they feature a special black finish, with an outline revealing the inner-billet aluminum, for a clean-cut look.

     All American Billet makes serpentine kits and bracket and pulley conversion kits for small block Chevy, Big Block Chevy, Chevy LS, even for LS Vortech and LSA Supercharger engines. But they don’t stop at Chevy, as they also manufacture plenty of systems for Ford motors, MOPAR engines (they even go as far as Hemi 6.1) if you need it!

    Overall, these guys provide great serpentine systems, conversion kits, all-inclusive serpentine kits, and everything in between, all made from their CNC machined billet! We provide them here at Billet Kings, and we always get people to request them custom, with some requesting kits with power steering and no A/C, or vice-versa. If you're looking to get your own All American Billet, we recommend you check this out here:

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