Tech Talk | "whats the difference?": March Performance (pt. 2)

Tech Talk | "whats the difference?": March Performance (pt. 2)

Continuing from last week's blog, we're happy to announce that we'll be working on other manufacturers too in this "what's the difference?" series. 

Keep your eyes out for these next blogs, as they might even contain limited offers and discounts for different serpentine kits and parts that belong to that brand.

Now, when thinking about your hot rod, your ride has to show off a certain style, one that's unique to your project. So when you're comparing different serpentine kits, to figure out which track is the best looking for your ride. When choosing your serpentine kit, picking by design matters most, March Performance has variety in spades. The credit for this belongs to the simple fact that they've been doing this for thirty-plus years now.

Look at this serpentine kit, March's signature Style Track, this particular model is for a SBF (small block Ford). This particular bracket design on this Ford Windsor block is one of March Performance's favorites, as just about every all-inclusive serpentine kit that we're proud of offering here at Billet Kings by March. 

March Performance Small Block Ford SBF 289 302 351W Windsor Style Track Serpentine Kit

Now another popular option from March Performance that Billet Kings has with us here is the Revolver. This bracket happens to look like a row of gun barrels, giving it a unique design in-of-itself. This one mounted on a SBC (small block Chevy) motor, with a classic billet finish.

March Performance Small Block Chevy SBC Revolver Serpentine Kit

Now apart from these two, more popular track designs by March Performance, they provide serpentine kits for other makes, like Pontiac. This pontiac serpentine kit hosts another of March's signature styles: the "Sports Track", and its mounted on this Pontiac 326-455 engine. See the air cleaner attached on-top? Yeah, we have those here too. 

March Performance Pontiac 326 455 ci Sport Track Serpentine Kit

The Pro Track series by March Performance is another overlooked style that does have it's merit. Mounted on a Big Block Chevy engine, this serpentine kit has a track style that's quite it's own. Notice how this particular kit  is labeled with Pro Track "II", the reason being that this serpentine kit is a secondary version of the SBC version (small block Chevy). 

 March Performance Big Block Chevy BBC Pro Track II Serpentine Kit

You'll also notice the coloring is in an all-black BESIDES the trim, which kept it's billet-metallic look. Usually manufacturers have many different labels for finishes that generally fall into the same type of finish in reality. It's shown here: March Performance labels this type of finish as "Black Onyx". Other manufacturers will label them something different...

Up next is a very classy, high-end serpentine kit series, something you'll want to keep your eye on: the 'Ultra' series is gonna blow your mind when you see them mounted on a show car. Usually showing off in a very shiny finish, whenever "Ultra Drive" is labeled on a kit, there's often that signature wing is placed on top of the serpentine kit, as seen on this big block Chevy kit below

March Performance Big Block Chevy BBC Ultra Drive Serpentine Kit

March Performance Big Block Chevy BBC Ultra Drive Revolver Serpentine Kit

We at Billet Kings are proud to be partnered with March Performance, as they were our first of the many manufacturing sources we currently have! And again; we'll be providing overview designs of their serpentine kits as well! As far as we're concerned though, March Performance has some of the highest number of variety styles for their serpentine kits. So whether you're mounting your Chevy LS swap, SBF or BBF, or even Pontiac, Oldsmobile, or Buick, we'll gladly get you the best price on those kits, so your hot rods don't have to cost you an arm-and-a-leg. 

If you're curious, check us out here at OR give our knowledgable tech line a call at (740)715-0571

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