Billet Kings Car Show

Announcing the Billet Kings Car Show! An online community of car enthusiasts who have been looking to show off what they got! We're proud to be growing such an awesome group of fellow restoration and performance car fanatics, that we're now giving away prizes to the winners of contests EVERY MONTH!

If you win a contest, you increase your chances by DOUBLE (even TRIPLE) for winning the Grand Prize: The MEGA PRIZE RAFFLE! Once a month, the Billet Kings Car Show raffles off a grand prize coupon for one of our manufacturing partners! Want to learn more? Click Here to join today! 


Billet Kings Car Show Q&A

How do I qualify for the Billet Kings Car Show?

We encourage any hot rod enthusiast to join the community and enter the Billet Kings car show! While we don't necessarily dislike any restoration project, to enter your project, your entry DOES need to meet certain criteria:
  1. Your entry HAS to be a Hot Rod! Meaning you’ve modified it or restored it, it just bought it that way!
  2. Your entry HAS TO BE MADE IN THE USA 🇺🇸 (sorry, no foreign motors)
  3. Entries MUST BE between the years of 1920 and 1999!


Is there a cost per entry?

No. Currently the Billet Kings Car Show is enterable free of charge!


What kind of contests are there?

We have provided an assortment of contests that can appear in the Billet Kings Car Show! Just know, they can be announced in any order:

Contest #1: BEST IN SHOW 🏆
We’ll post up a poll for everyone to vote for everybody’s favorite entry!
Contest #2: STREET ROD AWARD 🏆
Best submission that’s from the 1920’s-1940’s!
Contest #3: FABULOUS 50’s AWARD 🏆
Best entry from the 1950’s era vehicle can win! (1945+ vehicles also count in this contest)
Entries that are submitted between the 1960’s-1990’s (The Muscle Car Era) can win!
Entries that show off their front engine area and engine bay get a chance to win the Billet Crown Award for most stylish engine compartment.
Contest #6: DIRTY RAT AWARD 🏆
Entries from any era are welcome! As long as they’re rusted and ratty! They count!
Entrees from any era are welcome in this contest, if it’s got a truck bed, it counts!!


How do I win a contest?

Your entry must be posted in the Billet Kings Car Show feed OR in a post placed in the Billet Kings Car Show feed. We ask that you please put down your make, model, and year of your vehicle, and any interesting specs. 
Upon time for the contest voting to occur, every entry that falls into a specific contest category will be placed in an online polling in the main feed of the Facebook group, and entrant photos will be placed in the comment section of that poll post.
We recommend you check out every contestant, as each member gets one vote per contest. We also discourage contestants to vote for themselves, as the Billet Kings Car Show promotes good sportsmanship, and bans self-voting. 
Special Note: If your entry wins a particular contest in the Billet Kings Car Show, it is disqualified to enter that same contest the following month. After the next month contest is over, your entry is valid to enter the Billet Kings Car Show again for the same contest you won the prior month.


What do I get if I win a contest?

Winners of monthly contests are requested to send us their mailing address, so that we may send them a complimentary Billet Kings prize bundle, which comes with featured Billet Kings T-Shirt, a prize trophy, and other cool items!

Winners ALSO get their name put in the Mega Prize Raffle AGAIN! So in the contest, for example, a winner of a contest gets their name put in the raffle TWICE compared to other entrants, who only get their name put in once. 


What happens if my entry doesn't win?

If you did NOT win a contest you entered for in the previous month, you are welcome to submit that same entry again the next month!

We always encourage re-entry upon the next month's contest! Especially if your entry received votes in previous contests, as that is often a good sign you would win that contest in the next consecutive competition! 


How do I enter the Mega Prize Raffle?

Any entrant who puts their project in the feed is considered a contest of the show, and therefore gets a FREE ticket into the Billet Kings Car Show Mega Prize Raffle! Where contestants can win a SIGNIFICANT discount on high-quality USA made parts from a number of Billet Kings promoted parts. 

Note, winners of monthly contests get a prize bundle