Billet Kings - Mission Statement

Billet Kings – Mission Statement

Being a Front-End Drive Source that provides the highest quality parts and kits – for the highest value to anyone with a project or job in the garage. Be they auto-dealer, auto shop, or in-home garage guy


We’re looking forward to the day where everyone who works on their projects and jobs KNOWS who will give them the BEST Value and Quality Parts AND their undivided Customer Service.


We are aware that many manufacturers and dealers out there care more about the sale of parts versus the satisfaction of the REAL thing that matters. YOU. You deserve to be serviced like Kings and treated as equals when looking for the best parts for your garage projects, all for the lowest cost.


We only have one in mind-to ALWAYS give you the best quality parts in the front-end drive industry, always have the best products – and in the highest variety.


Billet Kings is gonna provide many different ways to get valuable stuff involving your hot rod projects and jobs! From insider info and tech talks, to some of the HIGHEST DISCOUNTS and SALES you'll see in the auto-parts industry. EVER.