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Concept One Pulley Systems

Big Block Chevy Victory Series All Inclusive Kit

Big Block Chevy Victory Series All Inclusive Kit

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*This Kit is an all-inclusive kit: A/C compressors, power steering pumps, and alternators are included, based on your order*

The Victory Series is the premier big block Chevy serpentine kit by Concept One. The big block Chevy engine is paired with the best components by the aftermarket’s top vendors, all brought together for you by Billet Kings.

The Victory Series single serpentine belt design for your big block Chevy has the most standard equipment and most options offered. And, with the variety of finishes, you'll definitely be getting the best of the best!

Concept One features their Victory Series Serpentine Kit for big block Chevy here at Billet Kings! With Alternator, A/C and Power Steering, their signature compact design opens up the engine compartment freeing up more room for other things.

Having the accessories out front clears the way for countless valve cover, header, and steering arrangements in all types of vehicles. This serpentine kit comes complete with all the standard equipment listed below; including power steering reservoir, means a perfect fit, and no more front-end parts bumping together!

Concept One's serpentine kit is also easy to install, so you can save money for your accessories and engine dress-up parts!

Standard Equipment:

  • Ultra small polished SD-7 compressor with billet manifold
  • Edelbrock waterpump (Kits supplied with Cast Aluminum pumps)
  • New Lares Corporation aluminum power steering pump
  • Power steering reservoir - Exclusive Concept ONE billet aluminum pump mounted Mini Reservoir
  • 105 amp polished Powermaster one-wire alternator
  • Crank pulley, waterpump pulley, alternator pulley, and power steering pulley
  • Complete bracket set for alternator, A/C compressor and power steering
  • Alternator fan
  • Alternator pulley cover
  • Compressor nose cover
  • Continental belt
  • Continental tensioner
  • Chrome hardware
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