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Concept One Pulley Systems

Concept One Hydroboost Remote Power Steering Reservoir

Concept One Hydroboost Remote Power Steering Reservoir

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Concept One Hydroboost Remote reservoirs are designed for cars with hydroboost brake systems and have two separate return lines to eliminate brake pedal and steering wheel feedback.
While Hydroboost Remote reservoirs aren't usually included as standard equipment on some of our serpentine kits by Concept One, they CAN be substituted in place of our Mini Reservoir on other serpentine kits if necessary. Concept One reservoirs are available in a number of finishes.
Inside, they make use of turbulence calming technology from the racing industry to calm the fluid that comes back to the Power Steering reservoir before it goes back into the Power Steering pump. This eliminates air in the system which causes noise and heat in a power steering pump. The calmer the fluid, the quieter it will work and the better it will perform. The reservoir must be mounted higher than the power steering pump.
Concept One Two Return Fitting Hydroboost Remote Power Steering Reservoir
The reservoir has a block on the back for mounting to a core support, firewall, or inner fender. Mounting block has two 1/4-20 threaded holes.
Reservoir return fittings (x2):  - 6AN
Pump supply fitting:  - 10AN

*NOTE: Due to the custom fit of this Power Steering Reservoir, please contact our tech support to ensure proper fitment with your application.

For any questions regarding your alternator, fitment to your serpentine kit, or pricing for your alternator, Please call us at (740)715-0571

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