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March Performance

Oldsmobile 350/455 Style Track All Inclusive Kit

Oldsmobile 350/455 Style Track All Inclusive Kit

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*THIS IS AN ALL-INCLUSIVE KIT: This comes including AC Compressor, Power Steering Pump & Alternator*

Looking for an all-inclusive, low-maintenance serpentine kit for your Oldsmobile engine build? Check out the Style Track all-inclusive serpentine kit from March Performance for Oldsmobile.

When it comes to Oldsmobile engine builds, March Performance serpentine kits are low-maintenance, and user-friendly.

  • Engineered specifically for Oldsmobile 350 Rocket and 455, the Style Track includes all necessary mounting hardware and detailed instructions for easy installation.
  • The system provides rigid support for the alternator and air conditioning compressor, while a separate bracket allows for the option of power steering.
  • Three separate idlers guarantee belt-to-pulley contact for a no-slip operation.
  • Maintenance-free powder coating means you don’t have to polish in those hard-to-reach spaces.


  • Oldsmobile 350 Rocket, 403 & 455
  • *Also fits: 1968-1969 Oldsmobile 400

Kits Includes:

  • Chrome 105 amp GM CS130 alternator
  • Chrome Sanden 7176 a/c compressor
  • Aluminum Milodon water pump and pulley
  • Complete pulley set and nose cones fitted for kit options
  • Alternator/ac main face plate bracket
  • 2 Idlers for better belt wrap (3 for power steering kits)
  • Belt tensioning tool
  • All necessary mounting hardware to install kit

Kits with power steering include

  • Aluminum GM type 2 power steering pump (Reservoir Not Included)
  • Power steering pulley
  • Bracket with mounting hardware and idler

*Optional billet oil fill tube Available : 16012

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