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Concept One Pulley Systems

Small Block Chevy Driver Series All Inclusive Kit

Small Block Chevy Driver Series All Inclusive Kit

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Small Block Chevy Driver Series Kit

Why choose the Driver Series Serpentine Kits from Billet Kings?

» The same performance at a competitive price: The Concept One Driver Series Serpentine kits contain the same level of fit, function and performance as the Concept One Victory Series pulleys, but without the bling, bells and whistles, and with OE coloring.

» Less bulky than OE type pulleys: The Concept One Driver Series Serpentine kits are also going to give your project a great look, with out taking up too much space.

» Where the compressor is mounted: On an engine pulley system, the compressor is mounted down low on the passenger side and will almost always interfere with the cross member in older vehicles. The Concept One Driver Series Serpentine kit compressor is mounted in front of the head on the passenger side.

» Alternator amperage: The LS Driver includes a 165 amp alternator, and the Big Block and Small Block Drivers include 140 amp alternators. 

» Customizable power steering pump: Because not all power steering systems need the same pressure and flow rates, the Compact Concept One Remote PS pump can be customized to your specific needs.

» Compact Design by Concept One opens up the engine compartment freeing up more room for other things. This also solves the problem of interference between classic car cross-members and the factory A/C compressor for your Chevy small block garage job.

» Complete Kit with all the standard equipment, all provided by Concept One for your Chevy small block project. Your serpentine kit lists below everything you'll need, meaning a perfect fit and and allow to spend time on what you want and focus more on whats important. for your restoration and even a modernization, all while sparing you a good amount of your budget!

» Easy Installation makes it perfect for any job or project. Save that money for extra hot rod dress-up parts and accessories for your Chevy small block! Your wallet will thank you as you ride that finished project around in.

Standard Equipment:

» Ultra small natural finish SD-7 compressor with ports
» Tuff Stuff waterpump (natural finish)
» New Lares Corporation aluminum power steering pump with plastic reservoir
» 140 amp natural Powermaster one-wire alternator
» Crank pulley, waterpump pulley, alternator pulley, and power steering pulley
» Complete bracket set for alternator, A/C compressor and power steering
» Alternator fan
» Bando OEM belt
» Continental tensioner
» Chrome hardware

Small Block Driver Application Info for Small Block Chevy Engines

These kits fit GM Gen I small block Chevy engines

Applications include a wide variety of vehicles from muscle cars and street rods to sports cars and late model trucks.  Always use the "Kit Dimensions" located on the previous page as a guide for measuring fitment for your particlular application.

 Additional Notes

  • Most Chevy blocks have drilled and tapped holes on either side of the harmonic damper, but a very few do not. All of our SB Chevy kits require these holes
  • Our kits will not work with engines mounted with front motor mounts. Side motor mounts are recommended

Additional Notes - Driver Series

  • Driver Series Kits will work with all heads including those without accessory bolt holes

  • Driver Series Kits are one belt serpentine systems with a spring loaded OEM tensioner

  • Driver Series Kits are designed for use with electric cooling fans. If you need to run a mechanical fan, contact us and we can make modifications to the waterpump pulley. Also, this kit uses a reverse rotation waterpump, so make sure the fan is a reverse rotation fan.

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