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Billet Kings

Billet Kings "Tuxedo" All Inclusive Kit

Billet Kings "Tuxedo" All Inclusive Kit

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When you're working on your project, you want to get the perfect look for your engine, so you decide to go with a black coat finish with the silver outline, to give it that nice OEM touch. But then you see it: the alternator, AC compressor, and Power Steering Pump, and even the reservoir ALL stick out like a sore thumb. The look is incomplete, what do you do? 

With Billet Kings, that problem is no problem at all. We're proud to provide a pulleys, brackets, and components all-inclusive serpentine kit, WITH the components colored to match the black-and-billet finish!

You notice that it always costs more to get those components colored to match the black-and-billet finish on the brackets and pulleys? If you're getting a serpentine kit and purchased it to be machined and then had that finish applied, it would NOT apply to the AC compressor, alternator, or power steering pump UNLESS it was requested (and, of course, paid for) by you!

Consider that done! Our signature "Tuxedo" serpentine kits come standard with the all-black finish applied to the components, and the black-and-billet combo finish on the main brackets and pulleys. No matter what motor you're working on, or engine you're mounting the serpentine system to, you'll have it with the perfect finish!


  • Small Block Chevy
  • Big Block Chevy
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